Disney - my teachers

  • Scooby Doo : Taught me to never be afraid of screwing up
  • Tom and Jerry : Taught me friendship.
  • Courage the cowardly dog : Taught me to over come my fears.
  • J. I. Joe : Taught me team work.
  • Aladdin : Taught me nothing is impossible
  • Mickey Mouse : Taught me to be good person.
  • Chip n dale : Taught me no matter how small you can still rock on.
  • Richie rich : Taught me to never feel proud.
  • Dexter : Taught me that science was fun.
  • Johny bravo : Taught me to flirt with girls, get rejected and never mind.
  • Shinchan : Taught to enjoy my life.
  • Mr. Bean : taught me to make everyone laugh.
  • They were cartoons to all but for me they were my teachers.

  • 1 Year After A Boy Leave His Girl
  • Boy : Hi, you looked prettier..
  • Girl: some people say im beautiful......
  • Boy: ya. Beautiful, brilliant, n kind, i know that... So, how's that lucky guy..
  • Girl: im single....
  • Boy: don't u want to make a relationship with someone?
  • Girl: i want..
  • Boy: don't tell me no1 luv u...
  • Girl: some guys do..
  • Boy: bad guys?
  • Girl: no, they're nice...
  • Boy: so, whats the problem?
  • Girl: You.. I can't stop loving u... :'(

OneRepublic - Secrets

Brad Paisley Ft. Alison Krauss Whiskey Lullaby (Slowbass Remix)

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